eBay123获悉,据外媒报道,在过去几天里,Facebook删除了一小部分带有“eBay”名称的 Facebook群组。据悉,这些群组是由卖家负责经营的,是其保持联系、获得信息、沟通交流的关键目的地。

EBay 123 learned that according to foreign media reports, Facebook has deleted a small number of Facebook groups with the name "eBay" in the past few days. It is reported that these groups are operated by sellers and are the key destinations for them to keep in touch, obtain information and communicate.cheapest 脸书 subscribers,buy fb fans cheap


有消息称,这些被删除的eBay群组,很有可能是因为违反了Facebook UA(知识产权使用政策)相关条款。但事实如何,Facebook和eBay都尚未发表声明。




此外,eBay还表示,群组管理员可以通过[email protected]联系eBay,提供群组名称、Facebook群组页面的URL以及任何其他可能相关的信息,以便eBay能够帮助Facebook恢复被删除的群组。

In addition, eBay also said that group administrators can [email protected] Contact eBay to provide the group name, the URL of the Facebook group page, and any other information that may be relevant so that eBay can help Facebook recover the deleted group.cheapest 脸书 subscribers,buy fb fans cheap



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