续上一个故事,彼此一直在拉距是先让重验货或是先付费。绕过一些关键点,老外之后反脸了,直取D做事不到位向她的老总K老先生投诉了。单单从business english 的视角,这一节的案例都写的技术专业,因此我就不作改动了。那麼我们在一旁静静的看见她们装B吧。

1. 这也是老外发送给K和D的。
Hi K/D,
I tried to call D’s phone but failed.
We relooked into the remittance of USDXXX and found that we had accidently paid you too much. We had now stopped the payment to recalculate. We will send through payment again after recalculation. I wanted to discuss with Dora on the phone but it seems that you are avoiding answering my phone calls.
We do not know what reason you could not arrange our QC’s  inspection. There must be some quality issues otherwise you could have arranged our QC to check the goods. We made 30% upfront payment on this product based on the trust to your company. It is unfair that you do not follow our instruction. As my discussion with my boss, we would rather not deliver the skirts if there is going to have potential problem.
You must communicate with us ASAP as tomorrow is the cutoff date for the skirts!
2.  这一封是老外的高层住宅增加的电子邮件。
I would appreciate a phone call from you as dealing with Dora on this matter has not been beneficial for either of us.
I will await your phone call,
Kind regards
3.  如果我是D,见到下面这一封K的邮件你以为就哭着高喊「领导干部贤明我夫以死相伴」。。:)
Dear XXX,
That has make me so surprised and disappointment (提议大伙儿常用surprise and disappointed这两个优雅地表述不满意的关键字)when I saw YYY’s email. Pls take exactly immediate action to push all thing come back the right way.
I am really appreciated for D has strictly complied with company's policy. And pls clearly to be noted, all her previous and coming actions are under my authorization!
Here I would like to list the details again, even thought Dora has shown your side for many times:
QC inspection for TCS:
All of us know well about Q, and they represent the authority in the field. The end customer has enough confidence to them. I have been working together them in the past several years, and really know well for all the procedure. So I think that is no necessary from your side to doubt their QC report.
For make all things come back on the road, and show our strong willing to continue the business I would like to show our procedure(we only accept this solution at this moment):
先表明为什么己方坚持不懈不许你的人来重验是由于 终顾客第三方QC企业早已到了你太闹哪些吵?随后再得出一个轻度的妥协,大伙儿拿主意,有一个下台阶。
We believe above solution is our final accepting solution, and would not accept any future re-negotiation.
I would like to reiterate here, D has my all authority under handling this issue. For any future connection pls contact with her directly.
啊,对了,我并不是 人,我是 人。由于没学过拼音因此我是不会打简化字。但是对用心学习培训的人而言,百度搜索转一下字体样式应该是拦不住你的学吧!