#site_name#获悉,2020年入驻eBay的苏格兰卖家数量增加了90%,新卖家涨幅高于英国其他地区。电子商务平台的数据显示,疫情导致苏格兰大大小小的企业纷纷发展线上业务,开设线上商店,其中苏格兰的Aberdeen 电商渗透率 高。

#site_ Name # learned that the number of Scottish sellers entering eBay increased by 90% in 2020, and the increase of new sellers was higher than that in other parts of the UK. According to the data of the e-commerce platform, the epidemic has led to the development of online businesses and the opening of online stores by large and small enterprises in Scotland. Aberdeen in Scotland has a high penetration rate of e-commerce.buy Instagram poll votes cheap,IG video likes free



此外,Dundee西部、North Ayrshire 和Arran等地区的电商化也日益凸显,其在eBay上的在线业务增长了三倍。


位于Glenrothes的苏格兰知名珠宝品牌Jessops Jewelers创始人Sophie Jessop表示: “ Jessops在苏格兰历史悠久,半个世纪以来很荣幸为苏格兰人设计精美的珠宝首饰。受疫情影响我们不得已关门,但是由于有了eBay,我们可以通过在线销售继续为新老买家提供服务,即使恢复线下销售,我们还是会依旧与ebay合作。”

Sophie Jessop, founder of famous Scottish jewelry brand jessops jewelers in Glenrothes, said: "Jessops has a long history in Scotland and has been honored to design exquisite jewelry for Scots for half a century. Affected by the epidemic, we have to close the door, but thanks to eBay, we can continue to provide services to new and old buyers through online sales. Even if offline sales are resumed, we will still cooperate with eBay."buy Instagram poll votes cheap,IG video likes free




eBay英国总经理Murray Lambell表示:“疫情期间,玩具非常受欢迎,美式足球也卷起了购买热,这十分令人意外,这些爆款类别受益于eBay这个线上平台和英国2900万买家的广阔市场。”

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