次收到询盘,你用是多少回盘换得一句回复?该怎么做,客户才回你嘞? 本来询盘了,就忽然消失了?你们遇到过吗? 为何询盘后就不见了?或是压根就消退不见了? 一封用心的外贸邮,沒有回声也是白费,仅有客户回复了,即使仅仅对你说不想要,你也就早已打进了客户, 少你能再次。。。。嘿嘿,怎样把握节奏感?迫不得已,仅有出秘诀了! 


Thank you for your inquiry of **. We are pleasure that you are interested in our products XXXXX and XXXX. we are the first and largest company which specialized in ### in China, have more than # years experience in handmade production. http:// xxxxxx
We’ve sent the products’ photo in the attachment and detailed information of the product below: 
For the payment:Western Union….. 
For the Shipment : DHL, ….. 
We look forward to receive your reply. 


Dear XXX, 
Wish everything well with you! 
We are in receipt of your letter dated Aug 10 , and as requested send you a catalogue for more information . We hope they will reach you and will help you make selection. 
Should any of these items be of interest to you, please let us know. We will be happy to give you a quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirements. 
Wish we will promote business as well as friendship 


Dear XXX, 
Good morning! Have a nice day. Hope you have got a wonderful weekend! For several days no news from you, my friend. Now I am writing for reminding you about our offer for item of ** dated ** **  according to your relative inquiry. Have you got (or checked) the prices or not? May we know if this project still active for us?Any comments by return will be much appreciated. It will be our big pleasure if we have opportunities to be on severice of you in near future. 


Dear xxx,   
have sent you email many times before but have not received any reply from you so I am guessing the emails have not reached you. 
Could you please drop me a short note if you receive this message, please tell me if you have any interest in our products? I don’t want to keep bothering you if you don’t have any interest 


Dear XXX,  
Now I am writing for keeping in touch with you for further business.If any new inquiry, welcome here and I will try my best to satisfy you well with comptetitive prices as per your request.By the way, how about your order (or business) with item ***? If still pending I would like to offer our latest prices to promote an opportunity to cooperate with each other.Thanks and best regards 

Hope you are fine, my friend.It is regret that I haven’t receive any information from your side. May I have your idea about our offer? We will try to satisfy you upon receipt of your reply. As we don’t want to lost a good customer like you! If there is anything we can do for you, we shall be more than pleased to do so. Hope we can build good cooperation with you 


Glad to contact you again! Have you kindly check my offer? Hope they are workable for your market! Sorry that we still don’t receive any information from you. I would apprreciate for your any comment about our offer, including price, quality, sercive. No matter if it is positive 
answer, It is great help for us to meet your requirement. Waiting for your favorable reply soon! 


Good day! My quotation of digital photo frame you might have received and considerated. could you kindly advise your comments at your earlier convenience? If the products isnot your are expecting,pls advise me your details requirement, I will re-offer asap. I am of service at any time! 


Dear ***, Wish you have a nice day! May I ask whether you have received my quotation? Now I am sending it again,if you have any other ideas. Please feel free to contact me. We will do much better if you can give any advices to us. I am waiting for your reply ASAP. Best regards 


Dear sir Have you received our quotation of …, if you have any further question,please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are waiting for you comment about our quotation. 
We hope that we can establish a good business relationship with you in the nearest future. Your prompt reply will be appreciate