Shopee 11.11大促成功收官,为东南亚消费者创造了一次极致的购物体验,为商家缔造一场前所未有的爆单盛会!Shopee再创记录——在24小时内,全平台共计售出2亿件商品!疫情下,今年上半年入驻Shopee的卖家 参与11.11大促全天订单量达平日10倍, 跨境新晋卖家更涨15倍,国货出海,随时上车都来得及!

Shopee's 11.11 promotion ended successfully, creating an extreme shopping experience for Southeast Asian consumers and an unprecedented event for merchants! Shopee set another record - in 24 hours, a total of 200 million goods were sold across the platform! Under the epidemic, the sellers who settled in shopee in the first half of this year participated in the 11.11 event for the first time, which promoted the order volume of the whole day to 10 times that of the normal day, and the number of new cross-border sellers in China increased 15 times. When Chinese goods go to sea, it's time to get on the train at any time!buy ins host,buy real instagram likes cheap

  Shopee应用内游戏体验超过25亿,Shopee Live观看时间达到2000万小时,多维互动体验大大提升了用户粘性,花式让利浓缩大促流量池!Shopee利用千方百计加持流量,让卖家爆单更加自由!


  Shopee首席执行官Chris Feng表示:“Shopee 11.11大促销的卓越成就,凸显了东南亚电子商务的蓬勃发展,也印证了Shopee它可以给消费者和卖家带来无限的可能性。面对当前瞬息万变的商业环境,我们坚持帮助广大商家在数字化转型中牢牢把握增长点,以更实惠、更具参与性的网购体验回馈广大消费者。


  旺季未停歇,新高度永无法预料!Shopee跨境业务于11.11购物节再创新里程碑,一线国货大牌如小米、华为等引领各市场爆卖步伐,酣畅战事开局即夺下头筹。大促更是全体跨境卖家的狂欢: 参与11.11大促的 跨境卖家,以平日近15倍单量领跑整体新晋卖家,蓝海如新,满满商机!

The peak season has not stopped, and the new height can never be predicted! Shopee's cross-border business was a new milestone in the 11.11 Shopping Festival. The first-line domestic brands such as Xiaomi and Huawei led the pace of explosive sales in various markets, and won the first place at the beginning of the battle. The promotion is also a carnival for all cross-border sellers: the Chinese cross-border sellers who participated in the 11.11 promotion for the first time led the whole new sellers with nearly 15 times of daily orders. The blue ocean is as new as new and full of business opportunities!buy ins host,buy real instagram likes cheap